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Video marketing is more essential than ever before in 2021, here's why

Undoubtedly, video marketing should be one of the most important areas of your company’s marketing toolbox. Video is easily the most versatile and profitable internet marketing tool you could hope for. Here are just eight reasons why you should be hiring a professional video production company to help in promoting your product or service or service.

  1. Video = sales

Adding a relevant video to your home page or website landing page can significantly increase conversions. Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video in regards to a product or service then went on to buy it. If a picture will easily notice a thousand words, imagine what 25 pictures per second can do!

  1. Video = trust

Want to know what the bedrock of conversions is? Trust. And developing trust should really be an aim all by itself. Let new customers come to you by providing them with interesting videos packed with useful information. If you want to establish your business online, you must get seriously interested in video. Promotional videos can foster trust.

Some individuals are still skeptical about buying services and products on the internet because they fear fraud and cheating. But quality marketing videos, made regularly and also to a high standard, present your product or service or service in a trustworthy way and instill confidence in your potential customers that you are a reputable company.

  1. The brand new COVID culture

Lockdowns over the last year have resulted in more and more people buying online. This trend will likely continue even as shops re-open. This makes it even more essential than ever to have high quality videos that you can connect to your listings. Video will drive increased traffic to your sales platform because…

  1. Google loves video

Having a video embedded in your website means visitors are likely to spend longer in your site. Plus, since Google now owns YouTube, it’s become more important than ever to have video content if you wish to be appearing high up in searches. Statistics from 2021 reveal that Google is around 53 times more likely to rank your website highly if there’s an embedded video on it… Yes, 53 times more!


Get an immediate price estimate for product videos like this and much more from www.glowfrogvideo.com

  1. Video attracts mobile users

YouTube reports that the number of videos viewed on cell phones rises by around 100% each year! Also, a study found that consumers are over 40% more likely to feel a sense of connection to your brand should you deliver videos and ads to their phone. So what happens if you don’t have videos available when the person comes to your website? They cut back time on your site, reducing your Google ranking. What happens if you don’t have regular high quality videos? People don’t feel as connected to your brand or company. They're less likely to purchase your products or services.

  1. A video can explain anything – and in much less time

If you’re launching a new product or service, an explainer video is now a must. You can explain everything about this in just a few minutes or less, within an easily digestible format – without forcing the individual to read an essay. Within this fast paced world, people just don’t have the time to deep dive to your long product description – and they need to see the product in action. You could even introduce animation if the concept of your product or service is more complex.

  1. Video doesn’t cost the earth anymore

Video advertising has become not only essential, but thankfully, much more affordable too. Gone are the days where it is thousands of pounds to make a professional video. You should use an instant price calculator on the internet and find a videographer from just a couple of hundred pounds.

We recommend Glowfrog Video Production located in Derby. They are professional videographers yet very economical, and they specialise in marketing videos for those kinds of businesses.

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