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Leeds firm secures 40k loan in order to children's behaviour Magazine

A new system that tracks children’s behaviour along with educational journey may be because of the green light thanks to a 40k loan in the Corporation Fund.

Leeds-based Trackit Lights is undoubtedly an interactive behaviour management system, used by schools to display child behaviour using the traditional ‘traffic lights’ method; students are rated a benefit to good behaviour, amber for a warning and red for low level behaviour.

Founder and former teaching assistant Oliver Brandon-Davies made the software from a frustration with traditional behavioural management systems that she felt weren’t engaging the family enough.

He said: “I became accustomed to the traffic light system for rating behaviour however it was a display put on classroom walls when i didn’t believe the family were taking a look at actively. It wasn’t very engaging and that i wished to make a dynamic and motivational system the place that the children could actively track their behaviour progression and dream to watch their ‘green’ points increase.”

The system got its start in Little London primary school in Leeds and Oliver, together with his father Graham Davies, tried for a BEF loan to purchase the development of software and still have since taken on a part-time computer sciences pupil to help with the group.

Julie Micklethwaite, investment manager at BEF, said: “This technique is highly useful for schools and it also was great to cooperate with Oliver and Graham who’re equally captivated with education and technology. At BEF, we’ve been dedicated to helping business with an influence on the next generation and we were delighted to secure the Trackit Lights team.”

Oliver added: “The BEF application was extremely clear and Julie explained all things in detail. The financial loan and support assists us greatly and we’re looking forward to raising the brand’s profile through marketing techniques and developing the software for making more functionality for users. We’ve already had a report at a graduating high school which includes seen a 50% decrease in low level behaviour since using Trackit Lights.”

Social enterprise Company Fund offers funding and advice to business across Yorkshire along with the North East, offering loans with support before it starts Up Loans Company as well as the British Business Bank.

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