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June 4, 2023
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Major 5 year deal for radiation detection company

Kromek, the listed radiation detection technology company, has secured the latest $1.2 million five-year contract renewal by a present customer while in the gamma detection sell for the availability from the detector modules.

As per anything, Kromek, who has its R&D operations in Huddersfield, will supply its cadmium zinc telluride-based (CZT) detector modules for incorporation while in the customer’s products.

The density of CZT shows that its incorporation significantly raises the sensitivity of positive detection of cancerous tumours.

CEO Arnab Basu said: “My business is pleased to receive this long-term contract from the existing customer reaffirming their commitment for the next several years.

“This as a result of the high-quality services and products we have provided them over the past three years or so.

“We are continuing to develop new clients opportunities in your core markets while serving our existing customers, that can be very important for the growth and development of this business.”

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