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Siemens opens Global Service Operations Centre in Lincoln

Siemens has recently opened its new Global Service Operations Centre at Teal Park in Lincoln after having a 13 million investment and eleven months make an effort to fit out the high-tech facility.

The 7,000 sqm centre will house Siemens small gas turbine parts and engine storage for a passing fancy site because Siemens Overhaul Facility. Previously several centre was at Freeman Road, approximately two miles away.

By having spare parts, turbine engine units, tooling and safety equipment in the vicinity of where these are needed, efficiency will be improved as parts will not need to travel forwards and backwards sites.

13 million was invested to adjust to out the facility, including racking solutions permitting nearly 72 engines weighing between four and eight tons for being racked efficiently.

Since Siemens relocated to Teal Park in 2012, greater than 48 million has been invested in your website.

Siemens is a first company to implement the LEO locative robot and the GSOC has six as a whole, and helps to improve productivity.

LEO functions from a track round the factory using a barcode system on the surface to view where to go, the best places to stop of course, if to sound its horn the way it crosses the forklift truck area.

Approximately 120 people are working at the GSOC in functions including logistics, operations plus the UK customer service team, with 20 people perfectly located at the warehouse.

The GSOC has achieved an amazing BREEAM rating for its environmental, social and economic sustainability performance.

Neil Corner, Md of Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, said: “Opening inside the Global Service Operations Centre here marks a confident step for Siemens in Lincoln as well as the Industrial Gas Turbines product, providing some sort of class solution because of its global consumer base.”

Lincolnshire business Simons Group was charge contractor within the project, overseeing the dwelling work. Tom Robinson, Simons Group Us president, said:? “We’re very proud to own been a part of this project, most famously because Siemens includes a major impact on Lincoln’s local economy and is also an important neighbour of ours.”

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