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Doormaker opens onsite showroom to facilitate growth Magazine

Mirfield-based bespoke doormaker Deuren has opened a whole new on-site showroom in readiness for extra growth and also the unveiling of latest product lines.

Since bringing its manufacturing operations in-house in 2014, the business has crafted more than 7,000 doors, together with the new showroom opening marking the most up-to-date significant phase inside the company’s in-house expansion.

Spanning 2,000 square feet, the display space will showcase 26 products from Deuren’s luxury internal, external and garage door ranges C including new additions that are set to file for this month.

Deuren’s founder and MD Ian Chubb said: “With our subscriber base expanding both nationally and internationally C mainly in the US and Channel Islands C the requirement of an avid display space for our own doors couldn’t be prevented for for a long time.

“We wanted a showroom that might demonstrate the potential that exists in regards to bespoke design and manufacturing. This also new space definitely achieves that. Before, that it was only at exhibitions that customers could really test our doors, these days they could visit our site and truly have a sense of our products as well as the craftsmanship which goes into them.”

Alongside the launch from the new showroom, Deuren has also enlisted the expertise of neighbouring online marketing agency Greater Boat to overhaul its website.

Through migrating the web page to a new cms, it presenting a more rewarding layout to enhance the user experience and simplify the enquiry process. Integrating your website into Deuren’s CRM system in addition has granted the provider greater insight into the consumer journey, that can help drive campaign strategy.

Elaborating online overhaul, The Bigger Boat’s creative director Doug Main commented: “The main objective was to put more focus on the style of the doors themselves, in an effort to increase visual impact online. Alongside the latest showroom, the website is one other key avenue for prospective buyers to discover the quality and luxury of Deuren’s products.

“User experience is central to this, so we’ve simplified customized for specific cultures and enquiry process. Plus, by plugging a whole new CRM C Zoho C to the site, i will be able to better understand which keywords and channels are attracting quite possibly the most traffic, as well as be way more straightforward to the sales staff to have an eye on customers and order status.”

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