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UK employees least happy with leadership

Four in ten UK employees (40%) are unhappy with all the current quality within their work leadership as outlined by research from ADP (Automatic Human resources). Your research, which surveyed over 2,000 workers across France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands additionally, the UK, found that UK workers were least satisfied with their leaders when compared to the average across other nationalities of 33%.

A similar proportion of respondents (38%) also don’t feel their manager knows them sufficiently to understand their full potential. This lack of knowledge goes far beyond leadership and management, with part of UK employees feeling their employer doesn’t understand them, or their potential (50%). Alarmingly one fifth of respondents (21%) feel as if their employer just sees them being a number.

Jeff Phipps, Md at ADP UK commented on the findings: “Management and leadership includes a direct and tangible have an effect on employee engagement. Our studies show this too many companies across Europe are nevertheless getting it wrong.

“It’s vital that managers, leaders and HR teams spend some time to understand their employees properly. Staff is clear which they strive to be valued and treated as individuals so by knowing the workers, off their abilities on their desires, you could truly inspire, nurture and interact, which actually will drive productivity and business success.”

A lack of knowledge from employers and management is not only thing driving discontent in the office. Nearly half (44%) have felt uncomfortable at work before year, often as a consequence of too much stress, poor relationships with colleagues including a poor working environment. Measures to support mental wellbeing also are limited, with simply some employees feeling as if they are offered support for example mindfulness training (17%), unconscious bias training (11%) and usage of a counselling service (29%).

Almost a 3rd of employees have felt unsafe in the office in the past year (28%), mainly caused by poor health and safety, and aggressive clients. When asked, respondents said employers aren’t implementing the suitable steps to be sure physical wellbeing, with simply still another (35%) offering a feedback process for staff to lift any concerns and merely half providing protection training (55%).

Jeff Phipps continues: “There are a number of measures that HR teams could take to make sure that employees feel safe, comfortable and happy into their roles. It’s imperative that you give your workforce the chance to contribute their what it really just how you support their both mental and physical wellbeing. Even more important, you have to invest time to consider how you may just be doing better.”

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