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Former Deval Patrick aides’ PAC possible prelude to presidential run

A political action committee launched by two Deval Patrick aides to support like-minded progressive Democrats get back your home and Senate is a move taken completely the presidential-hopeful playbook, one strategist said.

“If you’re wondering about running for president, one of the things you need to do is placed a PAC, not just play a role in other candidates but to visit the various states and meet folks,” said Jim Manley, an early aide to U.S. Sens. Edward M. Kennedy and Harry Reid.

“It’s almost absolutely vital,” Manley told the Herald. “Don’t get too dedicated to the income part. It’s more details on building relationships in the months into the future.”

But former Patrick chief of staff Doug Rubin said Patrick didn’t know concerning the PAC and has not been interested in configuring it.

“He has not been cognizant of it before we push the button,” Rubin said. “I don’t see whether we have now his blessing or not.”

Former Patrick campaign manager John E. Walsh established the key reason why to consider PAC yesterday which is mentioned in federal elections filings since it’s treasurer. The name for the committee originated from Patrick’s 2011 memoir.

The committee said its aim is usually to “elect progressive Democrats” to federal office who “share Governor Deval Patrick’s view that people accomplish more after we utilize the other person, this is not on each other,” in line with its website.

“Voters want their candidates along with their elected officials to be for something, of looking after about over staying in office,” the PAC wrote. “History ensures that when Democrats do what’s right and get up objective we think — like fixing health care and expanding the economy to those people have been omitted — we win.”

Patrick and Walsh didn’t return requests for comment in regards to the political action committee.

While the committee’s opening salvo targets the 2018 midterms, the fundraising group stated it is focused on “developing and promoting having a positive agenda for Democrats in 2018 and beyond.”

What lies beyond 2020 has prompted a careful dance from Patrick. Recently, he stated on CNN speculation of an presidential run is “touching” and asked not to be interviewed for 2020 yet.

“I’m not in a position to be considered a candidate for 2020,” Patrick said, adding that they will make a decision about running “sooner or later.”

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