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John Kingston uses cash, border holiday to boost U.S. Senate bid

With time running out prior to a primary, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful John Kingston is hoping a $2 million TV ad blitz in addition to a late vacation to the U.S.-Mexican border can revive his underdog campaign.

The Winchester businessman and self-described “political outsider” traveled to The san diego area yesterday for the briefing from the U.S. Border Patrol union council to get a firsthand go through the border wall that separates the U.S. from Tijuana.

“It’s a shockingly and tragically modest impediment,” Kingston told the Herald in a very phone interview as they banded at what he termed a tin border fence with holes to them.

Kingston supports President Trump’s idea for that new, strengthened border wall and said hello should get bipartisan backing. He said a border patrol union member told him the circumstance on to the floor was “grim,” especially for the beating being taken away from Democrats that abolish ICE.

“Whatever our financial burdens are … the spot you can’t compromise on is maintaining your borders,” Kingston said.

Back in the home, Kingston is performing a new ad which uses an Customer advocates lookalike who’s frantically packing her bags and headed out of state to enhance her 2020 presidential prospects.

The Winchester Republican has poured in at least $3 million from his very own pocketbook to finance his campaign, giving him an essential financial edge over his GOP rivals, Beth Lindstrom while stating Rep. Geoff Diehl.

Diehl has raised over $1.7 million, enough to invest in a modest TV ad effort, but it’s unclear how much of a promotional campaign Lindstrom are able. She has used an option relying heavily on so-called “free” media appearances.

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