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Unnamed sources to Daily Caller: China hacked Hillary Clinton

A new state that Hillary Clinton’s private email server was hacked by a Chinese-owned company features a congressman with an obstruction of justice probe, while experts necessary further investigation to look for the extent in the damage preventing it from happening again.

The conservative Daily Caller, citing unnamed sources, reported Clinton’s controversial private server — where she received classified emails — was hacked with a Washington, D.C.-based Chinese firm throughout her term as former President Barack Obama’s secretary of state.

Two sources told The Daily Caller that this company wrote code to acquire her server to deliver them a “courtesy copy” of virtually all her emails, and that the FBI still did not act when alerted from the Intelligence Community Inspector General, which detected the hacking at the beginning of 2015. The report said Peter Strzok, then a agency’s top counterintelligence officials, was one of many FBI officials alerted via the ICIG. Strzok, who played key roles in the Clinton email probe and the Trump Russia probe, was fired recently over texts he sent that showed at anti-Trump bias. In 2016, the FBI recommended that Clinton not face criminal charges for mishandling classified material.

The update comes over the month after Texas U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert declared that the ICIG informed a House Judiciary Committee hearing that the majority of of Clinton’s emails were provided for a “foreign entity.” Gohmert called for further investigation in to the email scandal.

“I didn’t think clearly there was any question before,” Gohmert said on WMAL radio yesterday. “Now it’s clear. Might pretty much as good of evidence while you could have to look at an investigation of obstruction of justice. It wasn’t to help you Trump, it was actually to harm Trump and this were to help Hillary.”

Gohmert asserted with the approximately 30,000 emails she sent and received on that server, individuals received practically four of little significance.

“You cannot guys got everything that was important,” Gohmert said.

GOP political consultant Bradley Blakeman, a senior White House staffer under former President George W. Bush, told the Herald, “I believe, governmentally, individuals need to follow along with the laws. Had Hillary followed the policies in spirit since it was written she may not are actually hacked, so No. 1 is people have to follow along with the principles. No. 2 is we should be sure that we harden our systems to circumvent any government friend or foe from hacking into us.”

“The U.S. should interact to this as it did towards Soviet launch of Sputnik in 1957,” Boston University professor emeritus Andrew Bacevich told the Herald. “We end up needing a wide evaluation U.S. cyber-vulnerabilities with an in depth, bipartisan program to treat them.

“I expect which we do our very best to break into into Chinese networks. I sure hope so,” Bacevich said. “Yet here’s a further indication the U.S. government must up its game when it comes to cybersecurity.”

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