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November 26, 2021
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How to File for Unemployment in Rhode Island

As Rhode Island slowly starts to reopen, the number of unemployment claims are gradually beginning to taper off. Unfortunately, this news is likely to be scant conciliation for the thousands who've already lost their job as a result of the crisis. While Unemployment Insurance benefits (UI) can't aspire to replace a lost wage entirely, it will make a huge difference to those with no other source of income. If you're one of the thousands that have been affected by the pandemic, this is what you need to know about how to file for unemployment in Rhode Island.

Check Your Eligibility

Before you begin your claim, check your eligibility. Rhode Island, like all other state, applies strict rules to who are able to and who can't file for unemployment. Until March this season, it was expected that all claimants:

  • Be unemployed through no-fault of their own
  • Be legally authorized to work in the USA
  • Be fit to work, available to work, and actively seeking work
  • Have earned a minimum of $12,600 during the base period (i.e. the very first four of the last five completed quarters) or throughout an alternate base period

But then COVID happened, and suddenly, the old rules stopped applying to quite exactly the same degree. While you'll still be expected to comply with minimum income expectations, you'll no more need to demonstrate that you're looking for a new job if:

  • You've been furloughed because of COVID and expect to return to work at some point in the future
  • You aren't able to work because of school closures
  • You've been ordered to quarantine after exposure to COVID, or are the primary caregiver to a person who's been ordered to complete the same
  • You've been asked to work reduced hours for a specific duration because of COVID

In an additional shake-up of the usual rules, independent contractors and self-employed individuals (who'd not normally be eligible to gather), can now file for unemployment compensation through Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

File Your Claim

Rhode Island residents have one of two options when it comes to filing unemployment. They can either:

  • Call the Department at work and Training on (401) 415-6772
  • File online in the Department of Labor and Training website

Regardless of the method you choose, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Street address
  • Email address
  • Mailing address (if different from street address)
  • Date of birth
  • State of residence, including zip code
  • Social Security number (SSN)
  • State you worked in many recently
  • Driver's license number or state-issued identification number (if not the same as residence)
  • Primary Occupation
  • If not a US Citizen: Alien Verification Number

You'll also be asked to confirm information relating to any dependents you're at least 50% financially responsible for, your full history of employment for the past 18 months, and any other causes of income you'll continue to receive (pension, workplace compensation, severance or holiday pay, etc.) while claiming benefits. For a full list of all the details you'll be expected to provide, see this site.

How Much Can one Collect?

The total amount of benefits you obtain on a weekly basis is governed by how much you earned over the base period. As notes, your weekly benefit entitlement is going to be equal to 3.85% of your average wages throughout the two highest-earning quarters – although bear in mind that regardless of your previous income, the most that will be paid will be $586 per week. If you have any dependents, you will also be entitled to a dependency allowance as high as a maximum of 5% of your weekly benefit per dependent. As it stands, UI claimants will also receive an additional $600 per week along with what the state allows. The payment was introduced among the provisions of the CARES Act in March, and will also be payable for a maximum of 4 months in total, or until the end of July (whichever comes first).

How Long Can one Claim?

Normally, state benefits in Rhode Island can be claimed for a maximum amount of 26 weeks within a 52-week period. However, as the second benefit of the CARES Act, it has been extended by one more 13 weeks. The total that can now be claimed is 39 weeks.

When Am i going to Hear If My Claim's Been Approved?

Once you've filed your claim, you'll get a confirmation number to confirm the Department of Labor and Training has received your claim and have started working on it. You might be contacted to provide additional evidence or information meant for your claim – if you are, attempt to respond as promptly as you possibly can. Any delays may lead the DLT to work solely on the information they have, which could have a negative effect on the outcome.

If the department does request information or if your claim requires review because of a complex employment history or multiple sources of income, the processing time may take anywhere between 7-14 days. If, however, the claim is straightforward, you can receive a decision in as little as 24 hours. The DLT caution against applicants calling customer support to check on the status of the application – if you've received a confirmation number, the file is being worked on and no further action is needed on your side unless requested. You do, however, need to make weekly certifications to be able to claim payment. You'll need to start carrying this out from the time you file your claim, even when it's still under review. You are able to certify your weekly claims online using UI Online or by calling 401-415-6772 – don't forget to claim, as you'll only be eligible for payment on the weeks you certify. Once the DLT has finished reviewing your claim, they'll issue a determination confirming your eligibility, along with your WBA and eligible weeks. Should you disagree with the decision or any of the determinations, you have the option to file an appeal online at the DLT's website.

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