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Reasons why it might be time to upgrade your office space

Revamping your office space can be costly, so it makes sense to leave a complete refurbishment or perhaps a move until the time is right.

Knowing exactly when to take the plunge can be challenging, but there will be warning signs that the environment is just not adequate anymore. Most likely the location is wrong, or perhaps a lack of desks affects productivity, or even the decor is looking tired.

These are excellent reasons to press on with your planned changes, but nevertheless, many of us hold back because there is a lot to think about before and after an office move. However, try to remember that revitalising your working environment is a worthwhile investment if your business is going to prosper for years to come.

Booking a meeting space is difficult

Meetings in many cases are a daily occurrence and most can’t occur on the shop floor or perhaps an open office area. From managers and team leads discussing the company’s operations to interviews and pitching to clients, a private, quiet space is essential. Dedicated meeting spaces are often large and airy, giving potential clients and existing partners a great impression of your company.

The average working day is rarely predictable; visitors may arrive early, a team member may need to talk privately, or rooms might be taken up with staff training. The opportunity to arrange a room quickly and effortlessly, even on busy days, is essential, but when this basic need becomes a struggle, a move may be crucial to your future.

You plan to develop your working environment drug and alcohol policy

Having a space in which to implement a testing program can help your business avoid health and safety breaches and safeguard your team’s overall health. In industries where safety is a critical concern, such as energy production and transport, drugs and alcohol workplace tests are common, but the practice could be of benefit in any environment. If you’d prefer to upgrade your current policy, Matrix Diagnostics provide an exceptional testing service and will support you every step of the way with practical advice.

The environment affects your company’s productivity level

Giving your team what they need to get the job done is one of the most important factors in business success. If the environment is not correct, their productivity is going to be affected. Problems can arise from cramped personal workstations, noise pollution and a lack of resources. These issues can disrupt the way in which people engage with their work and could make it difficult for you to hang on to your best employees. If you have a clean, quiet office with plenty of room to move around, people are more able to focus and give their best every single day.

Employees have to queue for the facilities

The facilities you provide for your team are not offered as a bonus; they are essential to keep people healthy and happy at work. Car parks that are always overflowing and waiting times for that loos are very detrimental. Having to queue for the toilets forces individuals to waste time, and it also contravenes the HSE Welfare at Work guidelines. If you’ve taken on more employees and the company is expanding, it’s a great thing, however, you may need more spacious facilities to keep a pleasant workspace.

You have the funds to really make it happen

Business owners who can afford to move have been in a secure position from the start, so carefully examine your numbers before making any decisions. Spending money on your new office space may require a substantial outlay, and if your projected costs run over, it can significantly impact your main point here. Use the latest financial data to confirm you can still pay the bills during a period of transition and then begin your search for a new, improved space.

Invest later on of your business

Putting in the money to smarten up an office or relocate shows your team that you simply value them. It also ensures you have enough space to carry out daily operations and, over time, enhances productivity. Deciding when to take action will always be challenging, partly because an element of disruption is involved and partly since this is a significant task. To avoid going through the process too often, consider where your organization will be in the next five or ten years. If you have that vision in place, look for an office that will continue to suit your needs well into the future.

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