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World Cup absences to cost UK businesses over 13bn

UK businesses are set to suffer a loss of revenue of over 13 billion as football fans take time off make an effort to watch the globe Cup.

According to new information, the regular football fan is going to take a week off work throughout the World Cup with over 1 / 2 these being ‘unauthorised’.

With the entire world Cup coming, new information has investigated the time football fans in britain prefer to lose work and in what ways much this costs the economy.

It also uncovered that 41% of these getting involved in the study have been ‘told off’ to take a day off to watch football.

The team behind www.FootballTips.com conducted the study and polled 2,203 UK-based adults aged 18 and more than, all of whom said that they followed football and were intending to watch the entire world Cup in Russia.

Initially, all participants were asked “How days might you remove try to watch the World Cup this coming year?” Researchers then took all answers into mind determined the average answer was 1 week.

When asked solar panel systems these absences is ‘unauthorised’, the typical answer emerged to generally be four days.

Using the standard day (seven hours), researchers calculated that this compatible 49 hours of labor lost, 28 hours of which will be unauthorised absences.

Next, taking into account the common pay by 2017 (13.94 an hour) as well as the stats that, on the 44.5 million UK adults who followed one more World Cup in 2014, 43% of the were in full-time employment (19,135,000), researchers estimated that the grand total of 13,070,353,100 could well be lost by UK businesses on account of football fans skipping try to watch the matches.

Wanting to find out more, participants were asked if he or she procured work away and off to watch one of the 2014 World Cup, to which 68% said that they had. When respondents were asked if they had gotten into difficulties for using this holiday time, two fifths (41%) said that they.

Finally, respondents were asked what lie they planned to see their employer to find the days off with ‘going to some doctor’s appointment’ topping their email list at 32%, as well as ‘telling them I’m sick’ (20%) and ‘telling them you will find there’s family emergency’ (17%).

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