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Enterprise grant funding for Humber & North Yorks SMEs

SMEs during the Humber region and elements of North Yorkshire are invited to utilize to East Riding of Yorkshire Council for enterprise grant funding.

The council is supporting eligible business looking to invest in development from the European Regional Development Fund.

The grant is primarily aimed towards engineering, manufacturing, business-to-business services an internet-based businesses.

Businesses has to be an SME and also have a lot less than 250 employees worldwide, including any connected businesses.

The grant is good for 1,000 and, depending where business is situated, would cover 50% or 60% of your pre-VAT worth of the item.

The grant is obtainable for expenditure which improves how the business does things or improves competitiveness.

Things which can potentially be covered financially include equipment and tools; consultancy support, and webdesign.

It does not cover any day-to-day expenses while in the business just like rent, wages, stock, consumables or anything already bought.

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