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Yorkshire’s first malt whisky distillery launches second Maturing Malt Magazine

The team at Yorkshire’s first malt whisky distillery has launched the 2nd of the Distillery Projects prior to the first bottling from the premium single malt whisky in 2019.

Sprit of Yorkshire’s distillery projects 002 is really a unique maturing malt offering an idea with the maturing casks on the Hunmanby, North Yorkshire, distillery.

The second of the combination of four collectible spirits, DP002 is called being ‘light, fresh and fruity’.

Of the launch, Spirit of Yorkshire whisky director, Joe Clark, said: “The distillery projects series started out positive feedback to forms of the maturing malt that visitors enjoyed when touring the distillery.

“With DP002 we desired to showcase the lighter of your two?spirit?styles and make up a more fruit and distillate driven expression. Unlike our first release, in which the focus was on our richer, heavier?spirit?style plus more wood driven flavours, this technology really sings as part of your glass, and, such as first, is sensational easy drinking.

“Unlike conventional malts, DP002 is distilled in a mix off column and pot stills to have an appealingly light texture. It is then aged inside of a mix of bourbon, sherry and burghundy casks to provide depth into the flavour. And, remember, every ingredient is sourced with the land around us.”

Spirit of Yorkshire premiered in 2016 which is a collaboration between farmer and brewer, Tom Mellor from Wold Top Brewery and business partner, David Thompson. The bride and groom have invested significantly to follow along with their want building a Yorkshire whisky.

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