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January 31, 2023
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Lincoln Uni breakthrough sees drugs made smarter using nanotechnology

A new method continues to be developed to make drugs ‘smarter’ using nanotechnology to make sure they are definitely more good at reaching their target.

Scientists through the University of Lincoln have devised a different process to ‘decorate’ gold nanoparticles that has a protein preferred by so they can be employed to tailor drug to more accurately target a region body, say for example a cancer tumour.

Gold nanoparticles are spheres manufactured from gold atoms which has a diameter of just few billionths on the metre that may be coated having a biological protein and coupled with drugs permit treatments to go through the body and get to the affected region.

The nanoparticles can ‘adsorb’ drugs which will otherwise become insoluble or quickly degrade within the blood vessels, these types of their small size they will overcome biological barriers for instance membranes, skin plus the small intestine which might usually prevent the drug from reaching its target.

The technologies are already applied to world applications like pregnancy tests

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