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May 29, 2023
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Ideagen to cooperate with US aviation organisation

Nottingham-headquartered Ideagen it’s to partner with a US-based aviation organisation within a project that should ease first article inspections and 3D model conversions.

Summit Aviation, founded in 1960, will implement Ideagen’s Q-Pulse FAIR software, a part of Ideagen’s Q-Pulse Product Management suite, to improve efficiencies decreasing costs during projects with clients for instance Boeing, Sikorsky and Northrop Grumman.

As component of its services, the business – acquired by Greenwich AeroGroup 10 years ago – is needed to perform first article inspections, also referred to as FAIs, relating to parts including tailbooms, engines, landing gears and wing ribs.

Andy Bullock, Summit Aviation’s Director of Quality says the project may help the organization save “numerous dollars” and “100s of hours of labour.”

“The world thinks this project provides us with around a 50% saving in labour,” said Mr Bullock. “In 2016, our Kentucky plant completed a lot more than 1000 FAIs which equated close to 4,000 man hours so you’re able to imagine the costs associated with that.

“Because we focus on small manufacturing lots, we conduct many FAIs. The project with Ideagen and its Q-Pulse FAIR software will quicken this technique and then make our inspections more accurate. It’ll impart us with an added edge over competitors allowing us to give products to offer quicker and potentially saving us thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of labour.”

Bullock added what has project with Ideagen would also encourage them to meet the requirements of a few of its major clients, including major Airframe OEM’s.

He said: “Many Airframe OEM’s require us for being an approved Digital Product Definition Vendor, which works with 3D modelling. That specific area could be the driver for Summit Aviation implementing Q-Pulse FAIR, together with the labour savings connected with FAIs becoming an added benefit with potentially significant savings.”

Mr Bullock added: “When a customer lets us know associated with a new requirement, so as to maintain that business, we must improve and meet that requirement and Ideagen’s software packages are helping us immensely.”

Headquartered in Delaware, Summit Aviation may be the oldest and continuous aircraft company while in the state. The business boasts operations in nearby Kentucky and New york. In combination with Boeing, Sikorsky and Northrup Grumman, what’s more, it counts Airbus, Cessna, Bell Helicopter, Quest Aircraft, Euravia, Raisbeck Engineering, Mahindra, and Blackhawk among its client base.

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