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Leicester furniture supplier snaps up new opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Narborough-based furniture supplier Trent Furniture has secured its first contract in Saudi Arabia to furnish dinning, with support in the Department for International Trade (DIT).

Trent Furniture supplies to businesses throughout the hospitality sector, including bars, restaurants and hotels, through its Regent Street showroom and website. Its products have attracted buyers from countries around the world, as well as company now exports chairs, tables and outdoor furnishings to countries across Europe along with the UAE and Japan.

This latest deal will discover the company furnish a 200-person restaurant belonging to Saudi Arabian business Siddique Al Imtiyaz.

During the visit with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, HRH Mohammed bin Salman, towards the UK earlier this year, both countries set out an ambition to create £65bn of trade and investment ties in next few years. These closer ties are required to mean big things for businesses, with Trent Furniture able to secure this deal fastly next announcement around deepening trade ties was created.

Before fulfilling an order, Trent Furniture taken on DIT to be sure it may be compliant with import regulations. DIT assisted the company that has a certificate of conformity, a legitimate need for goods shipped into Saudi Arabia, in addition to supporting invoices for clients and certificates for goods to pass over the border.

As due to the deal, Trent Furniture has designed a new role with regard to to control its overseas contracts.

Robert Price, Director at Trent Furniture, said: “This provide Saudi Arabia is a major step for Trent Furniture, but it will surely are a gateway about the can be quite a significant promote for us. Our website was the key driver with the new company opportunity with the restaurant, but it surely was the Department for International Trade that helped us to provide onto it.

“Exporting can be quite a daunting process, especially when you’re visiting the latest market with new language and law. But, while you can find initial hurdles to get rid of, the rewards is usually huge. When we can perform it, you can too.

Ian Harrison, Head of Exports – Midlands Region, Department for International Trade, said: “While using UK and Saudi governments agreeing the purpose of £65 billion of mutual trade earlier this year, huge opportunities are opening for British businesses during the Saudi Arabian market.

“Trent Products have strategically used its established internet resources to take advantage of forex trading. Getting their grip with Siddique Al Imtiyaz might help the firm grow their reputation and open doors along with other opportunities while in the wider Gulf region.

“For other Midlands firms wanting to develop their overseas presence, DIT incorporates a network of International Trade Advisers in the grass in your community to assist.”

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