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Securing energy and managing water supplies crucial for development of Greater Lincolnshire economy

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP has stated it hopes to hear the views with the world of business and the public sector on future energy and water needs.

The LEP says that: “Securing enough energy for the future and managing water supplies is critical if your Greater Lincolnshire economy could be to grow.”

That’s why the higher Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership is leading by using an energy and water technique of the spot – along with the LEP hopes to hear the views within the corporate environment plus the public sector.

From now until Friday 21st September 2018 Greater Lincolnshire businesses may go web have their say on future energy and water needs.

The LEP has brought funding from BEIS (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) to produce a power strategy which can url to the LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan and form one of many chapters within the emerging Local Industrial Strategy.

Following laptop computer, the LEP will stage numerous focus groups and one-to-one sessions with internet marketers, especially those who attended the LEP’s first Utilities Summit in July recently.

“The LEP is taken a leadership role around the connection between the economical agenda as well as landscape for energy and water,” said Andrew Brooks, who will be leading the project with the Greater Lincolnshire LEP.

“The electricity strategy will identify where the LEP can tackle some issues, nevertheless it will likely identify where help is was required to handle bigger challenges and where local actors want to implement steps to tackle issues closer to home.

“It’s very important for many people to gather this data, mainly because it will form an effective baseline from which we could properly articulate energy and water needs in my ballet shoes.”

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP’s vision should be to aid the introduction of a sustainable flow of energy which meets its ambitions for growth and business sector development.

This vision is underpinned by four key objectives:

  • delivering secure, low-cost, low-carbon energy to each home, office, and factory
  • supporting commercial and residential development in capacity constrained areas
  • mobility into the future, as well as the opportunities for extra changes
  • empowering the emerging local energy industry within Greater Lincolnshire

The work may even feed into one of the main national challenges facing england, the particular will need to develop new causes of sustainable energy, also to generate a shift in the way in which industry uses energy to offer green growth.

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