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Midlands recycling specialist's start-up for making 15 jobs

Midlands-based metal recycling and waste management specialist has launched the latest textile recycling service, WARDRobe and is hunting for a national charity partner to generate regular donations.

Ward’s latest recycling service, WARDRobe, will give you a national collection service from clothing banks at amenity sites and supermarkets to acquire direct payments or donations to charity. The WARDRobe team should get ripped collections and export the textiles to destinations including Europe, Africa and Dubai.

Ward has acquired a completely new 10,000 sq . ft . sorting warehouse in Ilkeston, adding to its existing five metal and waste recycling sites, along with purchasing a number of new collection vehicles. This startup company is anticipated to use as many as 15 new staff from the 1st year and aims to recycle approximately 10,000 tonnes of textiles annually.

James Balfour, Finance Director at Ward, said: “This is an exciting startup company for Ward, to raise our portfolio of economic and household waste management services. Spending budget the create for collection and recycling and tend to be used to exporting materials, there quite a bit of synergies using what we already do.

“We’ve been seeking new sites just like supermarkets, car parks or local people centres to put in clothing banks which hopefully is going to be filled by members of the public with unwanted clothing. We’ll provide a free collection service and make a donation to charity so they could earn the textiles, or arrange a per tonne price. We are hoping to partner having a national children’s charity, so are keen to see from anybody that has an interest when controlling us.”

The idea was inspired by way of a participant of staff which has a background in textiles and initial collections started recently. Longer term, Ward hopes to build the textile recycling service with large commercial waste business that operate household waste sites or textile companies that have to have a waste management facility.

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