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Masterplan for Newark Castle revealed for boosting tourist economy

A masterplan for the monumental makeover of Newark Castle, that can help bolster Newark and Sherwood district’s tourist economy, will be discussed by councillors.

Restoration within the ancient gatehouse, a whole new moat bridge entrance with learning centre underneath and new rooms while in the north west tower could be the centrepiece of revised proposals to assist produce a major boost to Newark and Sherwood’s visitor appeal.

The castle is pinpointed as the gateway into the town’s other landmark heritage attractions, for example the Town Hall and Market Square and National Civil War Centre (NCWC).

The masterplan sports ths Newark Destination Management Plan (DMP), approved a few months ago, that has targeted a large boost in tourist numbers with major new good things about the district’s economy.

The DMP wants to grow the cost-effective impact of holiday makers within Newark by £5-million per annum over several years as well as castle plans alone could bring in an expected £1.3m each year of the. A high priority would be to convert more day-trippers into overnight visitors who spend more money locally, meaning more trade for businesses. Joint ticketing offers for visitors and local people, that include the various town attractions, are usually being explored.

Councillor Keith Girling, chairman on the council’s economic development committee, said: “These plans with the castle are bold and impressive of course, if unveiled in reality, are going to have the possibility to give a massive boost for the economy and include the crowning glory to tourism in Newark and Sherwood.

“We already know madrid is an excellent location to visit, whether for leisure or business, but this will rub it another level in terms of attracting tourists and boosting trade for our own shops, restaurants and overnight accommodation and as well as that, spin-offs for other services.

“The castle is pivotal in this it’s really a the gateway to the other major features of  madrid – the area Hall, Market Square and National Civil War Centre,  it’s really a stand-out attraction in drawing  more tourism into the district of Newark and Sherwood.”

If approved by councillors, developed types of the program will now be used which feature:

  • New moat bridge: This could be the ‘showcase’ castle entrance, linking the gatehouse with Beast Market Hill and capturing visitor flow through the nearby rail and road links. Historically authentic, it will can draw visitors that will create passing interest. There’d be the latest entrance gate, ramped pathway and new landscaping.
  • Restoration from the gatehouse: Described by Historic England because ‘most complete sort of a Romanesque gatehouse in England’ and scene within the death of King John 800 in years past, the dwelling has degraded covering the centuries but might have a completely new roof, floors and windows as set out during the original intentions to restore the structure. The first floor timber floor would be reinstated for you is a structure to get a second floor.   There’d often be a balcony gallery along with an extended viewing area into the gatehouse.
  • Learning and event space: Reduce the bank beneath new moat bridge this underground facility would host activities and attractions with the NCWC.
  • New pay pavilion:  Located between the north west tower additionally, the gatehouse, this might house check in office and shop and supply the entry way towards gatehouse interior and improve accessibility dungeons.
  • New rooms in the north west tower: The earth floor room, which would cease connected to the upper floors consistent with its original structural design, would tell the storyplot from the reputation the castle in precis and explain what visitors may suffer in the attraction. Meanwhile, a further room would be created in its northern border west tower by spending new floors according to what sort of castle was originally constructed.
  • New exhibitions and interpretation displays: To get included throughout the two rooms and dungeon inside free airline tower and under croft.

Archaeologists are first tasked to check out the ground conditions and archaeology within the proposed site with the moat bridge before detailed designs are made to last.

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