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The right way to buy the right PR agency on your behalf

Greg Simpson, founder of Press for Attention PR and Enterprise Nation Champion for Nottingham, offers his applying for grants picking a PR agency:

Some fundamental things apply when picking a PR agency and it’s also its not all about who walks in over the door on pitch day – firstly look into yourself.

Why do you need external support and just what want to achieve? Will the agency be extra time of your very own efforts up to now plus a portion of your wider marketing team, or even a gun for hire, starting with scratch?

What budget do you know of along with what are you looking the PR agency that may help you with? Willing to run the whole campaign or simply a mini-campaign for the key audience? What exactly are your objectives?

If the PR campaign will probably deliver results, you must be an organization and you will then should get on. Chemistry and trust are usually very important; you’ll be sharing a lot of information, lots of that could be confidential.

Before the simple truth is a pitch, invite agencies over to get a coffee, or take action at their location to have a feel for the important culture.

So, coffee time, mmm, cosy but don’t get too comfortable, get a feel for the business. Which will actually be working on the project – the charmer before you, or someone mysteriously left back on the job?

What relevant experience will the agency have? A terrific consumer agency could possibly get you tabloid coverage but might have trouble with the investment deal looming above. Ask to discover testimonials and campaigns for similar clients and budgets.

With affect on the company, are notes being taken? Are intelligent, probing questions being asked? Now you can execute a dose of Google look into the previous day a credentials meeting, not everybody can supply intelligent consultancy.

Cosy credentials meetings over, invite a handful of time for pitch for your brief. That is essential. Define your objectives – target media, key messages, or simply a wish list and don’t be worried to give a ball-park budget. It will help to make sure the proper and realistic response. In case you aren’t sure, request different approaches tailored in order to budgets.

Beware the lurking extras – Ask the professionals to describe the way in which they work. Are they going to be proactive or sitting back waiting for your call? Are there any other extras lurking inside the undergrowth such as evaluation and coverage reports? Compare apples with apples.

How important will your bank account be? Too desperate – they are often losing accounts, too casual – will possibly not obtain the attention you deserve. Also, inquire about staff turnover, the market is in constant flux, will your team be too?

Finally, after you have recruited, be sensible. PR campaigns often simmer gently for 2 months. Whenever you can, aim to measure the campaign at three and six months intervals – your agency should really be carrying out this anyway.

By you’ll both understand what works as well as what doesn’t and will also be in a position to plot the latest path together or otherwise not.

Happy hunting.

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